2017, Comic. 12 Pages, Full Colour.

A runaway and an orphan meet in a graveyard and share a first kiss that may also be their last...

GROUNDED is a morbid meet cute for romantics and realists alike, written by Anthony N. Castle and illustrated by Cody Anderson.

 2017, Artbook. 60 Pages, Full Colour, Raised Polymer Finish.

A kaleidoscope of existential absurdity

A LOAD OF OLD WAFFLE is a collection of 48 colourful and absurd illustrations from the mind of Chadwick Ashby. Foreword by Glenn Lumsden.

 2016, Comic. 28 Pages, Black and White.

Glory be to God for dappled things...

DAPPLED tells the story of a young person who is hated for being different. The boy encounters an urban legend about a magical guide that can help him escape and change who he is: from something strange into something glorious.

The boy summons the guide but soon realises that the bargain may cost more than he first thought…

 2015, Minicomic. 12 Pages, Full Colour.

"A mother made me. A child will need me. Time passes. Everyone must fall apart one day... but there's always use for a rag doll."

An old rag doll is discarded in a London dustyard with only moments to find a new home before he is lost forever.

 2015, Comic. 24 Pages, Full Colour.

Young love. Old Curse. A dead redwood tree.

Stephen's a dropout with a behavioural disorder. Evie's top of her class with a college scholarship. Together, they look to escape the impoverished ghost town they call home in a stolen Oldsmobile. There's just one tradition they must fulfil if they want to be together forever, a century old ritual they must complete...

Stephen and Evie must climb the Redwood tree.

Redwood is Romeo and Juliet meets Stephen King, a horror story with a broken heart. 

2015, Minicomic. 11 Pages, Black & White.

An absurd reflection on the meaning of life and the role of science within it.


2014, Comic Anthology. 68 Pages, Full Colour/Black & White.

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Short stories of sadness, suicide, slaughter and sacrifice.

From a bereaved boy returning to school to a chimp rocketed into the depths of space, DEAD ENDS reimagines myth, fairytale and history. With genres as varied as German splatter film and Victorian era picture books, this anthology explores an array of characters confronting that darkest and strangest moment of all… death.

DEAD ENDS: Fables of Loss and Mortality is the opening anthology from Anthony N. Castle and Chadwick Ashby.